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Tuesday 6 December 2016

Beery Christmas Day 6

Woohoo!  Door number 6 has some frothy golden beers on the door giving a hint as to what might be lying hidden behind it.  Please be beer...please be beer...please be beer...

After a grapefruit pale ale on Day 3 that I think could be marketed as a breakfast ale, I now have a bottle of Dinner Ale from Ilkley Brewery in Yorkshire.  Although at a paltry 3.3% ABV, it seems more likely that I could drink this one for breakfast.

From Ilkley's website, it is labelled as a Victorian Pale ale and described as:

Using a recipe from 1884 found in the archives of the original brewery in Ilkley, this distinctive Victorian Pale Ale was designed as the perfect accompaniment to food, being light and crisp.  We have added our modern slant using all Kiwi hops and the result is a beer for any occasion.

3.3% ABV in a 330ml bottle

Priced at £2.59 on Honest Brew

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