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Saturday 24 September 2016

Robinsons Unicorn Black

This could easily be mistaken for a Guinness on pouring with a thick creamy beige head and a dark black body.  It will inevitably be compared with Guinness and I couldn't help myself comparing the two.

It doesn't have a strong aroma but I would say it smells slightly fruity, however, the taste is one of dark chocolate and lightly roasted coffee beans.  It's so very moreish with a creamy coffee aftertaste and with a thinner consistency than Guinness, I'd say it's something of a Guinness Light.

The head is absolutely amazing for a bottle poured stout - so thick and robust, remaining until the last drop.  Ale be Seeing you Again, Unicorn Black.

I purchased this from B&M for the bargainous price of £1.39.

Brewed by Robinsons Unicorn Brewery, Stockport, Cheshire
4.1% ABV

My rating:

Friday 23 September 2016

Allendale GFPA

I could see a bit of sediment in the bottle so I poured it slowly and carefully, although I got a bit of cloudiness in the pour.  It smells very strongly of citrus with a hint of hops.

The head disappears quite quickly but it does leave a bit of lacing on the glass.  Pale ales aren't my favourite but this is very harsh.  It has an overpowering grapefruit taste leaving a bitter aftertaste as if I'd sucked the pith from a grapefruit or lemon.  Due to the strong zestiness it's very refreshing but the taste is just a bit too harsh for me.

I bought this as part of an Allendale mixed pack from Best of British Beer, however, I received mostly pale ales so the lovely folk at Best of British Beer agreed to send me a few darker Allendale ales from their next delivery.  Now that's what I call customer service!

Brewed by Allendale, Northumberland
4.7% ABV

My rating:

Black Sheep Velo

This offering from Black Sheep is as sunny inside as it is out.  Made to celebrate the Tour de France Grand D├ępart, the bright yellow label, reminiscent of the yellow jersey, also gives us a hint of the pale golden ale that is hiding behind the smoked glass.  There is a distinct orange and hoppy aroma on pouring and I couldn't wait to have a sip.

The bright white head does die down but, as with all Black Sheep ales, it doesn't disappear completely and does leave a bit of lacing on the glass.  So on to the is so completely unique and I've never tasted anything quite like it.  I wouldn't have identified coriander as one of the tastes but it certainly gives an added extra to the hint of orange. With a little fizz on the tongue, it has a slight bitter grapefruit aftertaste but is so completely addictive that it definitely won't last long in my glass.

If Black Sheep have ever made a less than perfect ale, I have never found it.

Brewed by Black Sheep Brewery, Masham
4.2% ABV

My rating: