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Friday 16 December 2016

Beery Christmas Day 16

There are two bottles on the door of Day 16 but there's only one inside - let's hope it's a good one...without any fear.  A bit too early for Christmas songs perhaps, but Happy Christmas (War is Over) just popped into my head unbidden.  That'll be stuck in my head all night now...for yellow and red ones...

It's a bottle of beer wearing a Christmas jumper!  What a very festive looking Santa Paws from Scottish brewer, Brewdog.

Brewdog's website describes Santa Paws as:

A 4.5% decadent scotch ale brewed with Scottish heather honey.

A robust malty beer packed with flavour, at a strength you can drink all (Christmas) day long.

Santa Paws is is our antidote to the chaos of the upcoming festive season. Raise a glass of this Christmas beer, share it with friends, family and strangers, and sit back and enjoy the view as the world descends into a fairy light-fuelled frenzy. And, if all else fails, just blame Santa...

4.5% in a 330ml bottle

Found for sale from Beer Hawk for £2.29 or from Brewdog for £1.70.  You can also pick one up in your local supermarket for around £2.00.

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