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Thursday 1 December 2016

Beer Hawk 2016 Advent Calendar

To celebrate my first year of beer blogging, I decided to buy a beer advent calendar.  With more becoming available every year it was hard to choose which one to go for but, with an early bird offer of £10 off and a free tasting kit, I ordered the advent calendar from Beer Hawk for £65.

I don't think I'd quite grasped just how big and impressive these beer advent calendars are!

It was like Christmas had come early as I opened the taster kit and found a handy beer notebook, pen, bottle opener, £10 beer voucher and a really unusual chalice style glass.

I found a nice spot to store the calendar and did what I was told on the box, by opening one particular non-numbered door first.  The clue was on the door, so it was no surprise to find a lovely tulip shaped branded beer glass inside.

I don't think I'll be able to sample each beer every day, but I'll hopefully be able to post what surprise lies behind each door, so keep your eyes peeled for my evening posts throughout the advent period.

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