One woman's ale journey

A beery boozy journey with delightful snacks along the way and a book in my hand.

Saturday 22 August 2015

Discworld Invalid's Restorative

Flat beer day continues with a deep golden ale from Discworld.  A beautiful gold colour but with a disappointing head, consisting of just a few stray bubbles.

This has a bit of a J├Ągermeister smell to it and certainly has a medicinal aftertaste.  It smells, but doesn't taste, of a slight hint of citrus.  I don't get any of the vanilla notes it claims to have, but perhaps the vanilla plus the ageing in whiskey barrels gives it the J├Ągermeister smell and taste.

An interesting craft beer, but I don't think Ale be seeing you again.

Brewed by Brecon Brewing, Powys, Wales
6.5% ABV

Rebel Brewing Company Bal Maiden

This had no head at all and was very flat on pouring, with only a hint of carbonation despite some live yeast sediment.

It is a lovely toffee colour with toffee notes replicated in the taste. It smells fruity and malty and I really liked the mellow malty taste but it desperately misses even just a millimetre of foam.

Unfortunately, Ale not be seeing you again.

Brewed by The Rebel Brewing Co, Cornwall
4% ABV

Sunday 16 August 2015

Innis & Gunn Rum Finish Oak Aged Beer

A colour that's reminiscent of molten toffee and this certainly has toffee aromas a-plenty to match.  There is no head to write about but it had such a lovely mellow taste that I can overlook that.

The flavour is mainly toffee and malt but you can definitely tell that it's been aged in a rum infused barrel and probably accounts for the lack of head and virtually non-existent carbonation, which isn't a necessarily bad thing, it just makes it different.

I do like an Innis & Gunn but in my opinion it's more like a spirit than a beer, and is well suited to a cold evening in front of the fire (or a summer's day in the North of England).

Brewed by Innis & Gunn, Edinburgh
6.8% ABV

Saturday 15 August 2015

Guinness West Indies Porter

A lovely head as you would expect from Guinness and apart from the ever so slight ruby hint, this looks like an original Guinness.

There is very strong licquorice/treacle taste which has quite a pleasant aftertaste and there is an aroma of dark fruits.  The carbonation is just right and creates some lovely lacing down the side of the glass.  Stronger flavoured than a Guinness, and at a swashbuckling 6% it's not for the faint-hearted.

Brewed by Guinness, Dublin as part of the Guinness Brewers Project
6% ABV

Saturday 1 August 2015

Butcombe Brewery Bitter

A beautiful dark amber coloured ale with a typical bitter style thick creamy head.  It has a lovely hoppy aroma on pouring and I can actually smell the pepper that it mentions on the label.  It does have a lovely crisp taste with a malty kick in the aftertaste.  The carbonation is perfect making it a nice smooth pint and exactly what you would expect in a traditional bitter.  The head is quite a revelation as it doesn't just lace, it actually sticks to the side of the glass.  I'll need a brillo pad to get it off - both the glass and my upper lip!

A very nice bitter that leaves little bursts of flavour on my tongue between every sip.

Brewed by Butcombe Brewery, Bristol
4.5% ABV