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Monday 29 August 2022

Signature Brew Nightliner

This is a dark brown porter with a small, very loose, rapidly vanishing beige head.  There is some sediment in the can so it neeed a careful pour.

It smells like freshly brewed coffee, and so it should as coffee is one of the ingredients listed on the can.  I got a whiff of malt after the initial coffee hit and then a bit more coffee.  It's definitely oozing with coffee and it is what it says on the can.

Following the huge coffee aroma, I was expecting a massive flavour kick but I was very disappointed.  It's very lightly flavoured with coffee that isn't bitter at all, but it isn't really much of anything else either.  It has a medium body and is very softly carbonated so it feels nice and smooth to drink, although it did remind me of a cold, weak coffee.

Quite disappointing really, the taste just didn't deliver what I expected from the amazing aroma so Ale not Be Seeing You again.

Brewed by Signature Brew, London
5.7% ABV

My rating:

My Untappd score: 2.75/5

Monday 22 August 2022

Darwin Beagle Blonde

I have been very impressed with Darwin Brewery's core range and Beagle Blonde is no exception.  It's nothing fancy and sometimes you just want to drink something more traditional, so this easy drinking and refreshing golden coloured pale ale fits the bill.

It's a lovely golden coloured ale with a pretty tight off-white head that lasts and thickly laces.  It has a deliciously crisp and light aroma of hops, citrus, biscuit and caramel.

It's a hoppy tasting beer with a hint of mild citrus and sweet caramel and a lovely dry finish.  It has a thin to medium body and good, strong carbonation that retains the head right until the last drop.

The lovely sweet/dry balance makes this the perfect sunny day beer.  It's very light, refreshing and easy to drink and Ale Be Seeing You again.

Brewed by Darwin Brewery, Sunderland
4.1% ABV

My rating:

My Untappd score: 3.75/5

Monday 15 August 2022

Beer Ink Lampblack

This is a very dark brown stout with a loose, cream coloured head.  The head disappears so rapidly that it almost disappeared during the pour so I had to straighten my glass and add a bit of force to get some semblance of head at all.

It has a good stouty smell; the aroma is intensely chocolately, malty and slighty fruity.  The aroma is replicated in the taste with notes of chocolate, malt and a tangy fruit flavour (blackberries according to the can).  The chocolate flavour intesifies and lingers.

The body is quite thin for a stout, I'd say it's thin to medium bodied but more on the thin side.  Carbonation is decent but there's not enough of it to maintain a head for more than a few seconds.

The addition of tangy, tarty blackberries gives it a very unusual taste but it didn't mix well with the chocolate for me.  It's a bit too tarty for a stout but well done to Beer Ink for trying something different.  Worth trying but Ale not Be Seeing You again.

Brewed by Beer Ink Brew Co., Huddersfield
4.6% ABV

My rating:

My Untappd score: 3/5

Sunday 7 August 2022

Camerons Motörhead Röad Crew

I love Camerons beers so when I saw this American pale ale, brewed in collaboration with British rock band Motörhead, I just had to try it and I was pretty impressed.

It has a traditional beery appearance; a deep golden clear ale with a small, loose, off-white head that retains a thin layer.  It smells incredibly hoppy with some fruit notes and a hint of (heavy) metal.

The taste is really nice and very well balanced.  Tangy hops combine with sweet caramel to tingle your taste buds and a citrus bitterness provides the big finish.  It has a medium body and it's very fizzy.

It's a very tasty, tangy and refreshing APA with a bitter kick.  I don't drink APAs very often but next time I fancy one, Ale Be Seeing Röad Crew again.

Brewed by Camerons Brewery, Hartlepool
5% ABV

My rating:

My Untappd score: 3.5/5

Monday 1 August 2022

Wiper and True Milk Shake

Milk Shake from Bristol brewers Wiper and True is a dark, creamy stout brewed with lactose.

It's a very dark, black velvet stout with a small, tight, beige head that retains a thin layer.  It smells delicious: lashings of malt and loads of chocolate produce a sweet and roasted mouthwatering aroma.

The flavour is awesome.  A combination of sweet chocolate, malt and vanilla tantalises the taste buds and leaves a fabulous roasted malt taste on the tongue.  It's full bodied and lightly carbonated to give a velvety-smooth, silky mouthfeel.

It really is a delicious milk stout.  It may appear be a no-frills chocolate and vanilla stout but it's so very moreish and easy to drink that Ale Be Seeing You again.

Brewed by Wiper and True Brewery, Bristol
5.6% ABV

My rating:

My Untappd score: 4.25/5