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Monday 5 December 2016

Beery Christmas Day 5

Ding Dong!  What's behind the door of my Beer Hawk advent calendar on Day 5?  I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it's beer shaped.

My wish has been granted - it is indeed a bottle of beer!  A bottle of Proteus IPA from Siren Craft Brew in Berkshire at a whopping 6.9% ABV.  Proteus is a pale ale series that Siren have run in 2016, with this one being Volume II and reportedly less citrus than the first batch.

From the Siren website:

Proteus is a series devised to make the most of three hops, with this volume using Mosaic, Chinook and Cascade.  Siren have brewed three pale ales using the combination before creating this dialled-up IPA version, based on everything their brewers have learned about the hops and how they work together.

Found for sale on Hoptimism for £3.27 and on Honest Brew for £3.59

6.9% in a 330ml bottle

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