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Monday 12 December 2016

Beery Christmas Day 12

How quick was that?  We're half way through the Beer Hawk advent calendar already and I'm sure that's a big box of beer shown on the door of Day 12.

Today's beer is a Fruh Kölsch, a traditional German Kölsch.  A Kölsch is a beer brewed in Cologne and is similar to a Pilsener.

Beer Hawk describes Fruh Kölsch as:

The Fruh Kölsch is one of about 20 beers in the world that can be called as such since only beers brewed in the area around Cologne, Germany can bear the appellation Kölsch.  This interesting style is brewed using an ale yeast that is fermented at cooler temperatures and lagered.

The Fruh version has a beautiful carbonation that gives us a fluffy white head and a sparkling appearance.  Lovely aromas of fruit, lemons, and grains are reflected in its flavour.  A solid bitterness, crisp mouthfeel, and semi-dry finish make the Fruh Kölsch an incredibly easy drink.

4.8% in a 330ml bottle

Found for sale on Beer Hawk for £2.69 or Beers of Europe for £2.29

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