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Friday, 15 December 2017

Beer Advent Calendar - Door 6

Behind door number there's a Marston's beer I've never heard of.  Resolution is 4.7% ABV in a 275ml bottle and is described as:

In order to deliver all of that wonderful flavour, which Marston's is renowned for, Marston's Resolution undergoes a double fermentation process which turns all sugars into alcohol.  The end result is a strong, refreshing beer that's less filling and easier to drink.  Not only this, but it's also great tasting with lots of full-bodied flavours which are finished off with a refreshing, crisp note.

Beer Advent Calendar - Door 5

Behind door number 5 is Wells Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale.  I've had this one before but I'm already looking forward to trying it again.  Surprisingly strong at 5% ABV in a 330ml bottle, it is described as:

Rich full flavoured beer with a deep copper colour.  Wells Sticky Toffee pudding has all the warmth, aromas and appeal of the dark pudding from England.  It has a sweet taste of caramel and toffee along with a smooth and robust after taste.

Beer Advent Calendar - Door 4

Young's Light Ale is behind door number 4 and it is light in alcohol at only 3.2% ABV in a 275ml bottle.  It is described as:

Pale amber in colour, with a complex but clean and slightly fruity nose, this is one of Britain's favourite light ales.  It offers a satisfying blend of malt and hops, slightly more bitter than the average light ale.

Beer Advent Calendar - Door 3

One of my old favourites was hiding behind door number 3.  Wells Bombardier at 5.2% ABV in a 330 ml bottle is described as:

Savour the distinct aroma, then surrender to the perfect balance of malty richness, tangy hops and sultana fruit on the palate.  Brace yourself for a long soft spicy finish.  Natural mineral water, the ripest English fuggles hops and crushed crystal malt deliver this experience of England in a glass.

Beer Advent Calendar - Door 2

Door number 2 reveals a Gold Muddler by Andwell Brewing Co.  Not one I've heard of, so a great choice to allow me to try something different.  This one is 3.9% ABV in a 275ml bottle and is described as:

A sweet fruity impression, soft and moreish with the quirky Hersbrucker late hop giving a hint of a floral, herby mid palate which leads to a surprisingly dry finish.  Good body for a beer of its gravity.

Beer Advent Calendar - Door 1

First up is a Craft Pilsner by Scottish Brewers, Belhaven.  It's 4.8% ABV in a 330ml bottle and is described as:

Brewed using 100% Scottish barley, classic lager yeast and water drawn from Belhaven's own brewery well.  A long cool fermentation and extended maturation produce a classic continental-style pilsner with a pleasant biscuity aroma and a fresh, lightly malty flavour.

Beer Advent Calendar 2017

It seems these days that we're inundated with so many choices of advent calendar in the run up to Christmas.  Gone are the days of the 99p chocolate advent calendar, now you can spend anything up to £1,000 on a rare malt whisky advent calendar.  Seriously, it's true - click here to see for yourself.  It's enough to make my eyes water!

So after trying Beer Hawk's advent calendar last year and felt it a little too pale ale for my liking, I was going to make my own this year.  Then I spotted a beer advent calendar in Morrisons reduced to £15 from £30 - well I could hardly say no.

I know the quality of beer will not be as good as the Beer Hawk one but it was 80% cheaper and it has beer in it - what's not to like?

So it says on the box that it's filled with a mixture of 330ml and 275ml beers and there's a list of the beers on the back for anyone who can't wait to find out what's in the calendar.  There's also a picture on the side of what you can expect to find inside from well known names such as Wells, Youngs and Wychwood.

So join me as I open my advent calendar and find out what's behind each door.  I bought it on day 12 so I have a bit of catching up to do but I'll share my surprises past, present and future with you!

It even comes with a free glass behind the 'Open Me First' door.  It's nothing exciting, just a 330ml tumbler style glass but I like the extra thought of including a handy receptacle from which we can drink our exciting beers.