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Sunday 24 May 2015

Sharp's Doom Bar

I've been brain washed on this one - subliminal advertising was at work.  I've noticed it on the advertising hoardings when watching football on TV.  It's amber, it's ale so why don't I love Doom Bar?

First off, it doesn't bode well that there's a teeny tiny little head on pouring which disappears to nothing, not even a solitary bubble.  Yep, it's flat as a fart.

Secondly, with amber ale you expect a bit of bite - a strong taste either of burnt toffee or 2p coins but with Doom Bar I got nothing.  It has a slight hint of beery taste but basically I felt like I was drinking beer flavoured water.

Doom Bar - it has a lovely colour to it but no taste and no body; it's a ghost of a beer.

Brewed by Sharp's Brewery, Cornwall
4.3% ABV (really????)

Find out more at Sharp's Brewery

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