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Sunday 17 May 2015

Ringwood Old Thumper

This is a seriously good ale and I'm so pleased that I don't judge a beer by its label (the boar looks a bit mean).  I was pleasantly surprised that it had none of the bitterness of some strong ales.  It pours a lovely dark amber and I was immediately engulfed in a malty aroma and a bubble bath inspired creamy head.

Malty bubbles burst on your tongue and with a strength of 5.1% you expect an unpleasant aftertaste but I was rewarded with more malty goodness.  If Maltesers made beer it would taste like this.

I could equally imagine drinking this in a beer garden on a Summer's day or by the fireside on a Winter's evening.  It's a beer I plan to stock up on and without hesitation it goes on my favourites list.

The label says to enjoy it with friends and a cow pie.  I say drink it all yourself; you'll not want to give this one away!

Brewed by Ringwood Brewery, Hampshire
5.1% ABV

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