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Saturday 19 November 2016

Hammerton N7

With six different hops from US and New Zealand, N7 has a distinct citrus aroma and a subtle but slightly sour malt aroma.  It is a lovely deep golden colour with an amazing expanding head that I thought was going to overflow as it rushed to fill the glass and the abundant bubbles burst on the surface.  It does have some live yeast sediment so it had to poured very carefully.

It has a very very VERY citrus taste leaving a strong aftertaste of grapefruit pith.  The taste and the extreme fizziness is actually very harsh and bordering on unpleasant, but I still managed to finish it of course.

I really didn't like the taste of this but the head is amazing, it actually seemed to grow with every sip and remained thick and frothy until the last unpleasant drop was drunk.

Brewed by Hammerton, London 
5.2% ABV

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