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Friday 4 November 2016

Guinness Hop House 13

Another one from the Guinness Brewer's Project, this time a lager which has a lot to live up to, carrying the Guinness brand.  It is a lovely deep golden colour with lovely excitable fizzy bubbles and a robust head, as you'd expect from Guinness

It smells of freshly ripe peaches and hops and so unusual that I couldn't wait to get my first taste.  The taste is so very unique - there is a blast of peaches and cream with a burst of hops and a hint of subtle sweetness.  It's so very moreish and refreshing and is actually a lot smoother than I expected from the initial burst of fizz.  The bright white trademark Guinness head leaves tremendous lacing, which is unusual for a lager.  Definitely one Ale Be Seeing Again when I fancy a flavoursome lager.

Brewed by Guinness, Dublin
5% ABV

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