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Sunday 9 October 2016

Skinners Betty Stogs

I'm feeling in the mood for a bitter so I thought I'd try Betty Stogs, labelled as a brazen Cornish bitter.  There's an absolutely divine malty aroma as this amber nectar pours into the glass.  It doesn't have a bad little head but it disperses to leave a thin layer, as you would expect from a bitter.  It's a perfect copper colour with just a hint of fizz so my mouth was watering in anticipation.

Boy, was I not disappointed.  Betty Stogs is an outstanding bitter with absolutely no metallic aftertaste.  It has a creamy malty taste, with a slight hint of citrus and a clarity that can only have come from the pure Cornish water.  I was getting a lovely biscuit and grapefruit aftertaste which makes a pleasant and refreshing change from copper coins or lemon squeezy washing up liquid.

Betty Stogs slips down a little too easily and my only disappointment is that I only bought one bottle.

Brewed by Skinners, Truro
4.0% ABV

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