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Saturday 22 October 2016

Caledonian Three Hop

This is a lovely deep golden craft lager with a bit more of an amber colour than pictured.  It has a good head which doesn't disappear too quickly.  It's called Three Hop so it is no surprise that it has a hoppy aroma but it also has a hint of a floral smell.

It has a good amount of carbonation but it has a very smooth taste and a definite aftertaste of honey with a refreshing hint of mint.  I didn't get any lemon flavours coming through but the whole experience is one of complex but subtle flavours so it might be in there somewhere.

A very pleasant drink with some nice beery lacing on the glass.  It feels like you get a taste of something different with every mouthful.  Definitely one I'd recommend trying.

Brewed by Caledonian Brewery, Edinburgh
4.5% ABV

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