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Sunday 5 June 2016

Bosteels Kwak

My cousin, JP, had not only told me about Kwak but went one better and bought me a whole gift set.  I'm a lucky girl indeed.  It's like a mini yard of ale and comes with its own wooden holder.  The glass itself is exquisite, embossed with the 222 year anniversary from 2013, and is my first experience of drinking from a yard of ale style glass.  You'll be delighted, although not surprised, to hear that I adapted well and didn't spill a drop!

I found it hard to pour as half way through I looked like I had a massive head but once the beer started to creep past the neck of the glass the head filled out nicely.  It disappears to a small foamy layer but does leave some lacing on the glass.

This really is a very deceptive beer.  It smells of copper coins and pours the same colour as them too so I was expecting a very bitter metal taste.  I couldn't have been more wrong. The taste is completely out of this world - it is smooth as honey with malty treacle notes and a spicy liquorice aftertaste.  There is a lingering sweetness left on the tongue as if I'd sucked a few liquorice allsorts.  It is absolutely divine and far too easily quaffable but at a massive 8.4% ABV it's not one to drink too quickly.

Kwak may very well be my new favourite beer - Ale Be Seeing You Again and Again and Again (and not just because there are 3 more bottles in the pack).

Brewed by Bosteels Brewery, Buggenhout, Belgium
8.4% ABV

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