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Sunday 26 June 2016

Adnams Suffolk Bitter

This smells of fruit and weirdly of cut grass on opening - it certainly smells very fresh and appetising.  A lovely hoppy aroma is added to the mix on pouring.  It has a nice creamy head and is a mouthwatering dark amber colour.

It has a lovely smooth taste and no hint of metallic aftertaste, as you often experience with bitter.  The taste is quite complex, certainly malty with slight notes of burnt toffee and underlying fruit.   Overall it is a top bitter and I can say for definite, as I've now had 3 of them, that Ale Be Seeing You Again!

I managed to get them for half price in Marks & Spencer as they were approaching best before date, so they were an absolute steal at £1.20 a bottle.

Brewed by Adnams Brewery, Southwold, Suffolk for Marks & Spencer
5.2% ABV

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