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Saturday 23 April 2016

Meantime Yakima Red

I have to give a special mention to the unusual shaped bottle of Meantime's Yakima Red; it is the most unusual shaped beer bottle I have come across.  It perhaps gives some hint as to the unusual taste that you are about to experience.  It is a lovely red/amber coloured ale with a lovely 'thick as Guinness' cream frothy head.

It has a lovely fruity aroma, more towards red fruits than citrus, and a slightly hoppy smell. It has a definite hint of citrus flavour with a bitter aftertaste.  The consistency is a bit more watery than I expected from the thick creamy head.  The carbonation has a lazy feel to it as the bubbles approach the surface as if they were in a lava lamp.

Throughout drinking, the head remains with thick lacing on the glass.  This beer really messes with your head; if I closed my eyes I would think I was drinking a citrussy pale ale, but my eyes tell me I'm drinking a ruby bitter.  It has the best of both worlds; the lightness of a pale ale and a bitter aftertaste, leaving nutty/toffee notes on my tongue.

Ale be Seeing You Again, Meantime Yakima Red.

Brewed by Meantime, London
4.1% ABV


  1. This is such an interesting article! I love the shape of the beer bottle as well which is why I will forward it to all of my friends too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are right... There is no doubt that serving increases the appetite and a food served in a nice glass attracts more.