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Sunday 17 April 2016

Beeston Worth the Wait

No, I haven't already had a big mouthful before taking the photo!  There is a good amount of live yeast sediment in the bottle so I poured very slowly and carefully and, from the clarity of the resulting ale, I think I didn't do a bad job.

This is a lovely golden ale, a slightly deeper gold than the picture appears.  It has a lovely hoppy smell with a hint of citrus so I was expecting a very lemony taste, but thankfully I was wrong!  The citrus bitterness has been balanced perfectly with the hops leaving a refreshing taste with just a hint of a bitter aftertaste.  Due to the live yeast, there is so much fizz in this ale; it's like having bitter beery sherbet fizzing on your tongue.  Why has nobody invented that...

It only has a little head due to the slow careful pour, but what is there remains for as long as the beer stays in the glass.  Which in my case, was not long at all.  This is one of the best golden ales I have had in a long time; with not a hint of lemon squeezy, Ale be Seeing You again and it was definitely Worth the Wait.

With a portfolio of delicious mouthwatering ales, I will certainly be looking out for more Beeston Brewery ales - Find out more at Beeston Brewery

Brewed by Beeston Brewery, Norfolk
4.2% ABV


  1. and this is only one of the many fantastic Beeston beers. Try them all you will not be dissapointed.

    1. Indeed! I spotted some ruby ales and really must try The Squirrels Nuts!