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Sunday 6 March 2016

Brighton Bier Pale

This has the most amazing tropical fruit smell oozing out of the bottle on opening - I can smell pineapple and mango as the bright sunshine yellow ale transports me to sunnier climes.  There is a lot of fizz in this pale ale, as almost champagne-like bubbles rush to the surface, and consequently it has a massive head.

On to the taste!  After I got through the head it has an almost overbearing flavour of grapefruit citrus and I didn't like it at first.  It has a very bitter strong grapefruit taste that is a little too harsh for me.  It fels almost as if I had a whole grapefruit in my mouth; pith, skin and all.  I definitely got used to the taste and I'm never one to write off a beer but Ale not be seeing this one again.

Brewed by Brighton Bier, unsurprisingly in Brighton
4% ABV

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