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Saturday 9 January 2016

Dockyard Bootlegger Prohibition Beer

This is a lovely amber colour and pours with an overwhelming smell of apples.  It has quite a small head and not bad retention.  It neither tastes of beer nor cider but more of an apple juice.  It smells alcoholic but doesn't taste like it is a 5.5% beer.

It does, however, transport me back to the prohibition era when alcohol was made out of any old fruit or vegetable.  It's historical value alone is priceless as we taste what might have been our ancestors' tipple.

It was a nice afternoon beverage and would be amazing in the Summer, drinking outside and refreshing a sun-baked thirst.  Just tell your brain it's not beer and it's quite enjoyable.

This was one of my Christmas gifts from my parents but can be found in Morrisons for £1.65.

Brewed by Dockyard Distillers, Tunbridge Wells
5.5% ABV

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