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Friday 1 January 2016

Cotleigh Golden Seahawk

Happy New Year!

As you would expect, I am not partaking in Dry January - life is too short to miss out on some cracking ales.

This ale has a slightly cloudy look to it and there was visible sediment in the bottom.  So I poured it slowly and carefully, thereby sacrificing a head.  This gave it an almost cider like appearance but it is the most amazing toffee colour and smells intensely malty.

On drinking, it actually surprisingly generates a nice little foamy head.  It has such a delicious malty aroma that I was expecting a bitter copper coin taste, but I couldn't be more wrong.  It has hints of soft golden honey with a slightly fruity/malt loaf aftertaste and the perfect amount of carbonation to not be too fizzy but at the same time generate enough head to lace the glass.

I'm really impressed with this one.  It really is delicious and Ale be seeing you again!

Brewed by Cotleigh Brewery, Somerset
4.2% ABV

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