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Monday 20 March 2023

Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer

I like Guinness, I like coffee and I LOVE Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer!

With its black velvet body and thick, creamy head it looks just like a regular Guinness but you know it's something different when you get the unmistakeable whiff of coffee.  It's not overpowering though, it's more a hint of coffee on top of the chocolate and caramel notes of Guinness.

The flavour is lovely, it's chocolate and caramel followed by a hint of coffee.  It's not bitter at all and it works well with the full body and smooth mouthfeel we know and love from Guinness.

The rich notes of coffee and caramel are perfectly balanced and the overall flavour reminds me of the coffee creams you used to get in Milk Tray so if you liked them, you will love this.  I can't fault this Cold Brew Coffee Beer and Ale Be Seeing You again!

Brewed by Guinness Brewery, Dublin
4% ABV

My rating:

My Untappd score: 5/5

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