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Monday 15 November 2021

Abbeydale Salvation Steadfast Stout

This is a deliciously dark vegan and gluten free stout with a huge, frothy, robust tan head.  It was very lively on opening so it took a few pours to get it all out of the can. 

Abbeydale have said on the back of the can that they're keeping it simple with this one, so it doesn't have a strong aroma but I picked up notes of malt and a hint of chocolate.  With flavours of malt, chocolate and coffee this very fizzy stout prickles the tongue and the flavour seems to intensify as you drink it.  It's lovely and chocolatey but with a medium body, it feels a little on the thin side for a stout.

It's a pleasant, easy drinking normal stout but the intense fizziness is a bit weird so I don't think Ale Be Seeing You again.  

Brewed by Abbeydale Brewery, Sheffield
4.5% ABV

My rating:

My Untappd score: 3.5/5

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