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Monday 8 March 2021

Ursus Timisoreana

Timisoreana is a lager from Romania and it has a traditional light yellow appearance with a small but frothy bright white head.  It looks like the head will disappear quickly but it's actually surprisingly robust.

Mainly smelling of hops, it has quite a sweet and sour aroma.  It's a lager so there's nothing complex in the smell but it does smell appealing.  It's actually a lot tastier than I thought it would be with a tangy hoppy sourness and a slight metallic bitter aftertaste giving it more of a beery taste than a bog-standard lager.  It also has a lovely crisp and dry finish that I really liked.

Body-wise, it is unsurprisingly thin bodied and it does have quite harsh carbonation with hard little bubbles that grated across my tongue.

It's a lightly flavoured, tangy, crisp, dry lager and is very refreshing so it would be a perfect tipple for a hot, sunny day.  I don't buy a lot of lager so Ale probably not Be Seeing this one again, however, I'm sure that seasoned lager drinkers will love it.

Brewed by Ursus Breweries, Romania
5% ABV

My rating:

My Untappd score: 3.25/5

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