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Monday 22 February 2021

Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black


Pot Kettle Black is a South Pacific Porter from New Zealand brewery, Yeastie Boys.  It's a lovely dark beer, almost black but for a slight brown hue with a thick and frothy beige head that lasts well.

The light aroma is predominantly treacle and malt but there's a slight hint of citrus that makes it quite interesting.  The taste is quite smoky and oaky with an added sweetness like burnt toffee.  It has a citrus bitter aftertaste to balance out the sweetness and a medium body with carbonation that's so soft it's like fairies dancing across your tongue.

It's a very nice beer but doesn't feel like a porter; I liked it though.  I thought the smokiness would have put me off but it gave it a lovely roasted taste.  It actually reminded me a bit of Fernet Branca; it's so weird but you can't help having another sip.  Oddly pleasant, I felt like I had to brush my teeth after it but I'd certainly have another one.  Ale Be Seeing You!

Brewed by Yeastie Boys Brewery, New Zealand
6% ABV

My rating:

My Untappd score: 4/5

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