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Thursday 16 February 2017

Felinfoel Double Dragon

A gorgeous dark amber ale spills out of this bottle smelling of toffee, malt and something a bit fruity like apples.  It has quite a little head which disappears very quickly and the ale looks quite flat, but appearances can be deceptive.

Double Dragon has a delightful smooth toffee nutty taste with a bitter aftertaste of copper coins.  The metallic taste becomes unnoticeable after a few sips and the apple fragrance intensifies.  It really does smell like appletise! 

It is surprisingly full-bodied with bubbles bursting on the tongue despite there being no head.  It really is surprisingly carbonated with such a flat appearance.

It has a very addictive taste, and is certainly very moreish.  With an aroma of freshly cut green grass, I can almost smell and taste the Welsh valleys bursting out of my glass.  Ale Be Seeing You Again, Boyo!

Brewed by Felinfoel Brewery, Llanelli
4.2% ABV

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