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Friday 23 September 2016

Black Sheep Velo

This offering from Black Sheep is as sunny inside as it is out.  Made to celebrate the Tour de France Grand Départ, the bright yellow label, reminiscent of the yellow jersey, also gives us a hint of the pale golden ale that is hiding behind the smoked glass.  There is a distinct orange and hoppy aroma on pouring and I couldn't wait to have a sip.

The bright white head does die down but, as with all Black Sheep ales, it doesn't disappear completely and does leave a bit of lacing on the glass.  So on to the is so completely unique and I've never tasted anything quite like it.  I wouldn't have identified coriander as one of the tastes but it certainly gives an added extra to the hint of orange. With a little fizz on the tongue, it has a slight bitter grapefruit aftertaste but is so completely addictive that it definitely won't last long in my glass.

If Black Sheep have ever made a less than perfect ale, I have never found it.

Brewed by Black Sheep Brewery, Masham
4.2% ABV

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