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Saturday 28 November 2015

Sambrook's Wandle

Despite its slightly cloudy appearance and lack of head this is an enticing golden amber ale.  It smells like a good old fashioned bitter but with a slight hint of citrus.  My first sip left me with the aftertaste of copper coins but that quickly disappears and further gulps resulted in a lovely creamy finish.

What little head there is does tend to cling to the glass but it doesn't lace.  The lack of head doesn't spoil my enjoyment at all as this is such a nice bitter and I was not surprised to find out that Wandle won the World's Best Pale Ale under 5% in the 2012 World Beer Awards.

Definitely one I would recommend for bitter drinkers and I hope Ale Be Seeing You Again, Wandle.

Brewed by Sambrook's Brewery, London
4.2% ABV

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