One woman's ale journey

A beery boozy journey with delightful snacks along the way and a book in my hand.

The Ale Cellar

Beers I've bought but yet to drink:

Efes Pilsner 500 Feb-20
Williams Bros March of the Penguins 500 Feb-20
Timothy Taylor Landlord 500 Feb-20
McEwans Headspace 500 Feb-20
Bornem Tripel 330 Mar-20
330 Mar-20
Bornem Dubbel 330 Mar-20
Gulden Draak
330 Mar-20
Gulden Draak 9000 300 Mar-20
Theakston XB 500 Mar-20
McEwans Headspace 500 Mar-20
Timothy Taylor Ram Tam 500 Mar-20
Isaac Poad All Four 500 Mar-20
Piraat Triple Hop 330 Apr-20
Hatherwood Shipwreck Lager 330 Apr-20
La Trappe Blond 330 Apr-20
Westerham NT Red Ale 500 Apr-20
Westwood Cheshire Cat 500 Apr-20
Westwood Eastgate 500 Apr-20
Belhaven Craft 330 Apr-20
Honest Graft Amber Ale 500 May-20
Timothy Taylor Landlord 500 May-20
S&N Newcastle Brown Ale 500 May-20
S&N Newcastle Brown Ale 500 May-20
Isaac Poad 1863 Best Bitter 500 May-20
Shipyard Rye Pale Ale 500 May-20
Durham Bede's Chalice 500 Jun-20
Inveralmond Ossian 500 Jun-20
Wychwood Firecatcher 500 Jun-20
Robinsons Ginger Tom 330 Jul-20
Beartown Skinful 500 Jul-20
Belhaven Scottish Oat 330 Jul-20
Belhaven Twisted Thistle 330 Jul-20
Cropton Monkman's Slaughter 500 Aug-20
Adriaen Brouwer Winterwood 330 Aug-20
Jennings Fine Line 500 Aug-20
Original Stormtrooper Galactic Pale Ale 500 Aug-20
Original Stormtrooper Lightspeed Pilsner 500 Aug-20
Orkney Dark Island 500 Aug-20
Morland Old Golden Hen 500 Aug-20
Belhaven Scottish Ale 330 Aug-20
Greene King Gangly Ghoul 500 Sep-20
Shepherd Neame Double Stout 500 Sep-20
Jennings Atomic Theory 500 Sep-20
Cinema Brewers King Kong 330 Oct-20
Harper's Toffee Ale 500 Oct-20
Isaac Poad A Knight's Ale 500 Oct-20
Wychwood Brewdolph 500 Oct-20
Belhaven Speyside Blonde 330 Nov-20
Chimay Red 330 Dec-20
Chimay Red 330 Dec-20
Durham St Cuthbert IPA 500 Dec-20
Belhaven 90/~ Wee Heavy 330 Dec-20
Corsendonk Summum Rood Bruin 330 Mar-21
Corsendonk Summum Rood Bruin 330 Mar-21
Corsendonk Summum Rood Bruin 330 Mar-21
Corsendonk Agnus 330 Mar-21
Corsendonk Agnus 330 Mar-21
Corsendonk Pater 330 Apr-21
Corsendonk Pater 330 Apr-21
Corsendonk Summum Goud Blond 330 Apr-21
Sadlers Peaky Blinders Christmas 500 Apr-21
Rochefort Trappistes 10 330 Sep-21
Rochefort Trappistes 8 330 Oct-21
Rochefort Trappistes 6 330 Nov-21
Chimay Blue 330 Dec-21
Orval Orval 330 Feb-22
Durham Bede's Chalice 500 Jun-22
Kerstpater Special Christmas Beer 330 Oct-22
Chimay Blue 330 Dec-22

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